The ESCAPE OSSR library

The eOSSR Python library gathers all the developments made for the OSSR. In particular, it includes:

  • an API to programmatically access the OSSR, retrieve records and publish content

  • functions to map and crosswalk metadata between the CodeMeta schema adopted for the OSSR and Zenodo internal schema

  • functions to help developers automatically contribute to the OSSR, in particular using their continuous integration (see also code snippets)

Code: Documentation:

CII Best Practices

Former stable versions

  • v0.6: DOI

  • v0.5: DOI

  • v0.4: DOI

  • v0.3.3:

  • v0.2 :


Commands to be run in your terminal.

For users

pip install eossr

You can also run it with docker:

docker run -it

Visit our registry to see the available docker containers.

Note that latest tag always point to the latest stable released container.

For developers

git clone
pip install -e "./eossr"

Running tests

To run tests locally, run:

pip install -e "./eossr[tests]"

pytest eossr

Some tests will be skiped if SANDBOX_ZENODO_TOKEN is not defined in your environment variables. If you want to run these tests, you will need to create a sandbox zenodo token and add it to your env:

export SANDBOX_ZENODO_TOKEN="your_sandbox_token"




To cite this library, use the cite section in the Zenodo page (right column, below the Versions section).