Process Overview

Why and What to Onboard?

You can onboard your scientific software, public datasets limited in size, container images, or repositories with full analyses environments to the OSSR. You may do so by completing our onboarding process described here and validating the requirements.

Who is Involved?

  • Onboarder: You should be author or maintainer to the software you are onboarding to the OSSR and provide your contact for the process. You will need an account at Zenodo.
  • Onboarding manager: Depending on the scientific community your project can be allocated to, a member of the OSSR project will act as contact for your onboarding procedure.
  • Reviewer: A reviewer from the OSSR project will check that your contribution meets the requirements and publish it to the OSSR.

What Needs to be Done?

  • Register your contribution for the onboarding process using this registration form and provide your contact there.
  • Follow the checklists provided to you by the onboarding manager.
  • Apply for publication by registering your contribution to the OSSR community on Zenodo. After a positive check by the reviewer, your contribution will be added to the OSSR.


1. Registration

  • Your onboarding procedure is started by registering your contribution in this registration form. You are asked to sign the terms of use to the OSSR.
  • After filling the form, you will be contacted by the onboarding manager.
  • The onboarding manager will create a ticket on the ESCAPE project platform to follow up your onboarding process: A ticket for the onboarding process which is managed by the onboarding manager, see template and provides the steps in your onboarding process.

2. ESCAPE Members: Introduce Your Software

A short onboarding presentation should be held during an FG1 call using this template, an example can be found in this talk.

Please book your date in this poll. Afterwards contact your onboarding manager, so that the talk can be scheduled, and added to indico.

If you have not documented your software, a technical report should be filed using this template, an example can be found at this tech report. Please submit the report to your onboarding manager.

3. Adapting Your Contribution

For a full description of requirements to your software, see the software check list.

4. Publish to Zenodo

You can upload your contribution to Zenodo either from your repository or manually, see this tutorial.

  • Make sure your zenodo metadata matches the codemeta data.
  • Check out eossr and how to automatise the upload to the OSSR.

5. Review Process

Your request for accepting your contribution to the OSSR will be checked for compliance to the requirements and then be accepted. You may follow and comment the curation process in the corresponding merge request on our curation platform.

  • A matching onboarding ticket has to exist on the ESCAPE project platform. If it does not exist, the request will be rejected immediately.
  • The validity of the codemeta.json is automatically checked.
  • The compliance with the software check list is confirmed by the reviewer.

After confirmation by the reviewer, your contribution will be added to the OSSR and is then also findable from the OSSR interface.